Career coaching

  • Feeling stuck, uncertain?
  • Feeling burnt out, forced out or fed up and want out?
  • Want to make a big decision and be confident it is right for you?
  • Want support in taking the next step of your career?

Coaching can help you make the best decision and plan with confidence for a successful and rewarding career

Why coaching?

  • be confident in your decisions and feel energised about the next stage of your career
  • save significant amounts of time, money and emotional strain that might be wasted with the wrong career decision
  • identify options you might never have thought about before
  • feel safe with the confidential support of someone who believes in you.

Is coaching for me?

Coaching works best for people

  • with a strong motivation to change
  • with time to think and do some work outside coaching sessions
  • who prepared to do things differently, even if it feels uncomfortable at the start

Why coaching with Karen Walsh?

  • Karen has over 25 years of work experience in a variety of roles and  successfully made big changes in career direction. This gives you the re-assurance that Karen understands where you’re coming from.
  • A qualified coach means that you are assured that you will get good quality coaching which is more likely to deliver you the results that will make a difference
  • Identify the obstacles to success and mobile personal resources that will enable you to achieve the success you deserve.